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Education Based Group Time

In the classrooms at our Preschool in Akron Ohio, children will continue to work on social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and self-efficiency skills. Loving, experienced, and degreed teachers lead our Preschoolers. Teachers incorporate circle time into the daily schedule to introduce the learning topic and activities of the day. Sign language continues to be taught at this age, and Spanish words are now regularly introduced into circle time. Fun and educational activities are planned to help children understand concepts of writing, drawing, cutting, and other fine motor skills.

The Benefits

  • Children learn concepts they will need in school
  • Listening skills are improved at circle time
  • Attention spans are increased as they listen to lessons
  • Sharing and turn taking skills are honed
  • Children are introduced to other cultures in weekly Spanish classes
  • Children get more one on one time in small groups

Learning Through Exploration

Teachers plan daily math, science, literacy, social studies, and art projects related to the current topic of investigation. Children are given a variety of mediums throughout the week to complete each project as they see fit. Each project is done in small groups while other children play or complete other activities. Teachers read to the children throughout the day, and help them begin to read basic sight words. Children are encouraged to play cooperatively with friends, and given tasks and activities that can only be completed if they work together.

The Benefits

  • Quality education from experienced and degreed teachers
  • Children learn to be creative and imaginative
  • Self confidence blooms as the children create their own masterpieces
  • Reading concepts are taught
  • Cooperation and teamwork concepts are introduced

Healthy Bodies Equal Healthy Minds

Children that attend our preschool in Akron, Ohio are provided breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack by our center. Meals vary day to day based on each weeks menu. At nap time a clean, comfortable cot is provided for each child. Preschoolers go outside twice daily to our playground, and are able to climb and slide on our play set, ride bikes and cars, play basketball, color with chalk, dig in sand, or relax with friends. All parents receive a report at the end of the day that will let them know what their child ate, how they napped, when they used the potty, reached educational goals, lessons the child learned, projects, and any additional notes the classroom teacher wishes to communicate.

The Benefits

  • Lower overall cost for parents
  • Parents don’t need to worry about packing lunches or snacks
  • Daily communication with your child’s teacher
  • Healthy CACFP approved meals

  • Children develop physically and are more relaxed